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Powerful Headshot Photography ... and more
Hello, friend. I'm Thomas Aaron.

Premium Headshots for Business, Personal Branding and Actors/Actresses

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Worth every penny! Thomas is a true professional and a perfectionist. Just the kind of guy you want when crafting your professional image. Calm, detailed and patient, Thomas has all the qualities you want behind the lens when it's just you, the lights and the camera.

Thank you Thomas for the great session, and the post production work you put in to help me get great results!

Highly Recommended!
My experience with Thomas was my first with a professional photographer in this space.

He is articulate, prepared and he really does know how to bring out the best and make you look amazing.

The pictures that he took were the first that I've ever really, really liked and said to myself "damn... you look good."
I highly recommend working with Thomas! He’s a really nice guy, and his studio is very advanced! I was super impressed by all of the equipment and lighting features in his studio, and he was able to produce great photos with what seemed to need very little post processing.

The results were amazing - the best photos I have gotten of myself, and naturally I am usually critical of how I look in photos.

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